undertablecubby copy

Finding the joy in the simple things // Batemans Bay family photographer

Recently while having my daily dose of computer time I’ve  come across some new inspirations. Beyond snapshots  http://www.beyond-snapshots.com/blog/ after doing some reading and some serious eye candy I was really taken by some the images displayed .  Life is a photo op was the title its an interview with a fellow photographer plus her images well worth a read full of inspirations.

I think as photographers we sometimes get so busy capturing other peoples precious moments that we forget to stop and delight in the simple moments that happen around us on a day to day. I’ve definitely been making more of an effort to document our family life and in the mundane finding joy.

How do you find joy in the day to day? Any strategies or ideas would love to hear your thoughts.

Here are some images taken over that last week or so.

Did you ever make a cubby under the table ? The kids had so much fun playing in their cubby made under the table.  Happy weekend everyone

~ Kylie

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